The demand for transparency is booming, and so is corporate disclosure.

With all this available data around, stakeholders need guidance. Organisations need to push relevant information out to them effectively in order to (re)gain their attention and trust in return.

For some, this might open the door to new capital. Others that keep sustainability disclosure separate from their financial reports might lose out, as they don’t give a full picture of an organisation’s ability to manage long-term risks and opportunities.

Does your organisation manage to stick out of the crowd with a sustainability report that actually gets read by stakeholders?

Does it seize the full benefits of online reporting as a powerful communications tool?

What we do

Reason & Rhyme helps organisations build corporate reports that provide financial and non-financial stakeholder as a single, practical, and reliable resource to make informed judgments and decisions.

How we do it

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Review of current state of corporate disclosure in regards to materiality, key audiences, objectives, metrics, industry benchmarks, best practice, and reporting trends

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Identification and combination of appropriate sustainability reporting frameworks, standards and guidelines like GRI, SDGs, IIRC, CDP, UN Global Compact, or ISO 26000

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Development of reporting theme, structure, format, and design

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Coordination of production process from concept to publication

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Promotion of final report and key messages to specific target audiences


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