Strategy Consulting

Your organisation has defined its purpose and mission, carved out a sustainability strategy with ambitious targets, and management is avid to take ownership of it all.

At this stage, it is important that the protagonists in corporate communications, investor relations and marketing are in line with each other and speak about sustainability with one voice.

The same goes for your corporate website, sustainability report, annual review, and any other published items.

“How do you assure that your sustainability narrative is communicated consistently throughout your organisation?”

“Is it in line with what your brand and marketing people are doing and saying?”

“Do customers understand how the sustainable products and services they are using provide more value to them?”

What we do

Reason & Rhyme helps organisations pursue an integrated communications approach that aligns various actors and resources in their goal to present corporate responsibility as a strategic value-driver.

How we do it

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Stock-taking of existing communications approach and sustainability narrative, key stakeholders, actors and audiences, resources and activities, use of media channels, tools, programmes, processes and policies

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Bench-marking to see how you are positioned compared to your peers and industry best practice

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Design of an integrated communications strategy and plan for both internal and external target audiences in alignment with corporate communications, branding, marketing, internal communications, HR, and IR

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png  Review and design of your stakeholder engagement plan and techniques


Strategy Consulting