Welcome to Reason cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png Rhyme.

We are a collective of experts providing sustainability and communications solutions.

Our mission is to boost the positive impact from an organisation’s responsible business conduct through integrated communications.

We build effective strategies, design content, and bring in line internal protagonists to present your sustainability message with one powerful voice.

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Our insights and services are about how to engage and communicate with your stakeholders on sustainability. We help shape your corporate responsibility narrative, weave it into all areas and forms of communications, and make sure it resonates with the audiences you care for.

We firmly believe that, if performed consistently, sustainability communications will lead to better reputation and performance.

No more silos. Act and speak out on your values as One.


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Reason & Rhyme provides insights and assistance to organisations of any type, size or industry, that pursue sustainability as a warrant for long-term growth.

Our mission is to increase the impact of an organisation’s sustainable conduct by building integrated communications strategies, designing effective content, and aligning internal resources.

Reason & Rhyme is directed by Michael Laermann, an independent sustainability and communications professional, who draws on more than 20-years of experience from the private sector in the disciplines of corporate, internal, and marketing communications, sustainability strategies, and branding.

Industries include transportation, hospitality, health, IT, professional services, entertainment, international trade, telecoms, energy, and chemical.

Working together with professional partners throughout Europe, Michael uses his expertise from the world of business and sustainability, along with his proximity to EU-policy makers, to provide strategic advice, hands-on communications support and customised training.

He is working out of Brussels, Belgium, and communicates in five languages – English, French, German, Spanish and Dutch.

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Welcome to Reason cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png Rhyme Insights

This is where I share my insights and thoughts about how smart communication can fuel the impact of corporate sustainability strategies.

Enjoy the read and drop me a line with your comments and questions.


Chemical Recycling of Plastic – Waste No More?

Plastics recycling is as much of a challenge as an opportunity for the circular economy. In Europe, amidst growing public concern, new regulation and voluntary pledges from the industry, the problem is that so little of the plastic that is collected actually gets turned into new material. In this article, I investigate whether chemical recycling can make the plastics value chain more circular and what it takes for it to providing a profitable new industry branch.

Less medley, more value

Creating a New Quality For Corporate Reporting – As European policy makers press ahead to promote sustainable investment, stakeholders are stepping up the discussion about standardizing ESG-related metrics and non-financial disclosure This week at the COP24 climate summit in Katowice, Poland, the discussion about how to implement the directives of the Paris Agreement is in … Continue reading Less medley, more value

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