Public Affairs

Your sustainability efforts are an investment in the future. It’s about foresight, about understanding what’s on the horizon.

Located in Brussels, Reason cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png Rhyme is familiar with E.U. regulation and well connected with policy makers from E.U. institutions and European interest groups.

Not sure about which upcoming E.U. regulation will be supportive of your sustainable business model?

Need some concrete insight into specific policy initiatives currently in the making?

Want to make sure that your interests are understood and taken into account by the right people at the right time in the policy making process?

If it’s about driving your sustainability agenda, Reason cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png Rhyme knows how to navigate the Brussels corridors.

How we do it

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png Monitoring and analysing the EU policy landscape to assess regulatory opportunities and risks in view of EU legislation and its implementation

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png Engage with decision-makers, stakeholders, experts and the media to achieve strategic business objectives while driving sustainable change

cropped-rr-icon-200x200_s11.png Organising policy events to generate dialogue around your policy positions and facilitating speaking opportunities to present your sustainability case



Public Affairs